Thunderbolt 37 – A web comic

No1 – the test flight

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”I hope you like high speeds and high G-forces.”

Sgt. Borg

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About this comic

I made this comic in homage to Albert Uderzo, his fantastic stories about Tanguy and Laverdure and also the SAAB 37 Viggen jet. The Viggen, or Thunderbolt as it is called internationally has a kind of brutal beauty in its design wich i really like and when i read an old story from the early days of service in a swedish flight magazine from 1973, i got the idea to try and put this favorite aircraft in a comic in the style of my favorite comic – Jaktfalkarna, or the Flying Furies as it was called in Britain.

The Swedish edition of the Flying Furies, Tanguy and Laverdure.

The script to this little comic is based on the article from that old magazine so the events are fairly true to life. The flight path, manouvres, speeds and altitudes are direct references from the actual flight.

I am no Alberto Uderzo, there is only one. But I shot for the stars and this is the result i hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had researching and drawing it. /Robert

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